It’s been a long time since I got written at this blog….. But here I am, “still breathing… So I’m guess I’m still alive”, a few good things have been great and others have been wrong, a few ones awful, but the hell!

Just for now I can’t regret for I have, and I can’t say that I’ve been fucked up, I have a job, and A girl and three little balls of furry, I’m plenty of money, even though that I have debts, I m not wealthy, even rich, but I can go to the movies, have a snack and tale a cab everyday from work to home, so I can’t complain, on the other hand….. I hate my job…. It simple sucks! Sucks big time, the job itself (security) and the place where I work (Moon Pal) I don’t use the whole name, because they search the Web for temes that they use, so till I be working there, but you have the idea, I hate to be stand up 6 to 8 hours a day, to have a shitty greasy and almost eatable food, it sucks that everyday say I got stung by tabanos, to be there half and hour before that I have to work to take the briefing , and take the transportation almost an hour before the briefing, I simply hate it, “a soul crusher job”, that my department has the worst system of job upgrade or trade (doing practices) to another department, but welll I have to sleep because my time it’s too little, so in the other hand I PASS THE FUCKING HIGHSCHOOOL! FINALLY! and the best of all, it is that I didn’t cheat n_n and also have the major score 9.5 ñ_ñ so cheer ups to me I FUCKING AWESOME I LOVE MYSELF, even though some people who says love don’t show it :), it’s kind of hurt, but I don’t give up and look forward ñ_ñ I m still young and crazy enough to jump the cliff and have a free fall, till then hope to write it about it again (also need an English class I don’t trust the school where I ve studied)